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   Tulsion® RCX-5143                                    ISO-9001/ISO-14001/OHSAS-18000  


Tulsion® RCX-5143 is an extremely durable macro porous weak base anion exchange resin, characterized by complex amine groups attached to a styrene divinylbenzene copolymer matrix. Supplied in free base form.Functionality of this resin is suitable for removing heavy metal like Molybdenum and Rhenium in acidic pH from process stream.

Tulsion® RCX-5143 yields exceptionally stable operating capacity on caustic soda regeneration.


  TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS:        Tulsion RCX-5143        


Type                                        :                     Macro porous weak base anion ion exchange resin

Matrix structure                      :                     Cross linked Polystyrene

Functional group                     :                     Complex Amine

Physical form                          :                     Moist Powder form

Ionic form                               :                      Free Base

Particle size (minm。 95%)      :                      0。3 to 1。2 mm

           Moisture contents (approx)      :                       40 ± 5 %

Thermal stability                    :                      80 °C

Solubility                                :                       Insoluble in all common solvents

Total exchange capacity          :                       1.2 meq/gm

          TYPICAL OPERATING CONDITIONS:       Tulsion RCX-5143   

Resin bed depth ( min。)                      :                 800 mm

Maximum service flow                      :                 40 m3/hr/m3(15 gpm /ft3)
Backwash expansion space                :                 50 to 70 %
Backwash flow rate  expansion         :                 4 to 6 m3/hr/m3
Regenerant                                         :   
Regeneration level                             :   
             120% of Operating Capacity for NaOH
Regenerant concentration                  :  
              1 to 5% NaOH
Regeneration time                              :   
           20 to 60 mins.
Rinse flow rate : Slow                        :   
            At regeneration flow rate
t                                         At service flow rate
Rinse volume                                     :   
            2 to 7m3/m3


          It is advised that for design purpose technical expertise suggestion is useful.



The sampling and testing of ion exchange resins is done as per standard testing procedures, namely
ASTMD-2187 and IS-7330, 1998.


Super sacks              1000 liters         Super sacks            35 cft
MS drums                180  liters          Fiber drums            7 cft
HDPE lined bags     25    liters          HDPE lined bags    1 cft

For Handling, Safety and Storage requirements please refer to the individual Material Safety Data Sheets available at our offices. The data included herein are based on test information obtained by Thermax Limited. These data are believed to be reliable, but do not imply any warranty or performance guarantee. Tolerances for characteristics are as per BIS/ASTM. We recommend that the user should determine the performance of the product by testing on own processing equipment.

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